Pre-Show Acoustic VIP - September/October Tour

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Honestly, it's just easier that way, on us. So please, be cool and use paypal when making a purchase - if you need help, or have a question, hit up our dude Shaun at - he'll help you out. In advance, we thank you, I'm sure we'll mention it at least a couple more times here too. 

OK - now the details:

What we have here is our "Pre-Show Acoustic VIP Upgrade" - this will be a pre-show get together with us, and you, limited to fifteen people per show. 

For $125 per person, you'll receive:

-Entry to a private acoustic performance (3 songs)

-Photo opportunities with the members of Nonpoint 

-We'll also probably take a GROUP PHOTO to post on our socials

-A brand new Nonpoint "SCREAM" poster (pictured in the description) which we'll sign for you (we'll sign other things too!) 

NOW - the fine print:

A ticket for the show on a given night is NOT included. 

This is not a physical product, you won't receive anything in the mail, instead, you'll receive your included item at the venue on the day of your show.

This is separate from our other current VIP offer.

Once your purchase via PayPal is complete, you'll be contacted and kept in the loop of details, you'll receive the time to be at the venue in advance, but plan to be at the venue at least an hour or maybe more before doors, just to be safe. 

If something prevents us from making the show, and this can't happen on a given day, a refund will be sent to you. 

and again 


As always, thanks for the support, much love from Nonpoint! See you at the show!